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About Traditional Art / Hobbyist Emanuel de IsraelMale/United States Group :iconeveryday-anthro: Everyday-Anthro
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Forest in the Attic :iconhoangphamvfx:hoangphamvfx 4,999 402 Food truck fatties :iconbassxx:bassxx 4 4 Thanks!~ :iconhayaoyokogawa:HayaoYokogawa 4 2 Kisuki bio and WWW member :iconbassxx:bassxx 1 0 Scorch The Dragon Comic Page 5 :iconthescorchingdragon:TheScorchingDragon 4 0
Would anybody ever be interested in...
Just 9 More People Needed To Make This Happen!
It's very appreicated if anyone share's this journal in a status update or another journal

Everyone should know about my comic by now right?

Scorch The Dragon: Rise Of Desolation Chapter 1
I know its no where near done but seen as how there is one chapter so far i was wondering if anyone would be interested in voiceing some of the dragons from this comic?
With any free or little time i would have i could try putting together a video maybe have some music possibly some sound effects and maybe voices to go with the dragons.
Its not certain to happen but do you all think its a good idea???
Character key.
M = Male
U = Unknown
F = Female
* = Major Character
# = Major Character in the future
+ = Minor Character so far

:iconthescorchingdragon:TheScorchingDragon 5 38
Dave's Ref Sheet :iconadadave:Adadave 11 8 Please pizzazz this Picture :iconnix7777777:Nix7777777 1 1 Safety in Numbers :iconzookiedragon:ZookieDragon 58 41
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Art Trades: (FILLED!)
I'm having a bit of art block and so...
I will gladly take art trades! (I've only done one before so pls help me out...) 
Umm... Soo... I'll take my own watchers before other people. I'll start with 5 slots.
I don't do digital artwork so it'll just be a scan of my own drawing. And because I want the practice I'm coloring it too XD 
1. DONE (waiting for part back)
2. :iconlectraplayer:
5. :iconinkfeather132: (has done their part)
6. :iconthefluffyhandgrenade: 
:iconadadave:Adadave 1 21
MERGE MADNESS 25 - Irene :icongarry-o-jelly:Garry-O-Jelly 10 21
Nothing But Trouble Excerpt
Human resources has been flooded with complaints from my employees lately. More so than usual. I don’t think it's wrong of me to require them to work harder. Nothing gets done if you don't work hard. If they don’t like how I run Helix Remedies, then why’d they sign up?
And we are in a crisis, with the transformation going on downstairs and all. We have to work hard. 
As I made my way to my office this morning, I came across a tour underway. I thought I cancelled those long ago. It caught my interest.
I recognized the man leading the tour. He was one of our scientists, and I’m guessing the woman and kids were his wife and children.
Kids. Yuck.
They started going down the stairs, so I followed them. 
As they got closer to the containment chamber, I ran in front of them. 
“Hello sir,” said the scientist. “How’s it going?
“What are you doing?” I asked. “Tours were ca
:iconstripe-athon:Stripe-athon 1 2
Emanuels piggyback ride :iconbassxx:bassxx 1 2 (comm.)Emanuel MAD :icongarry-o-jelly:Garry-O-Jelly 10 18



She's here!
My commission from DarkRainbowDragon came today. The plush of Irene. She also drew her as well. :)
We're NOMber One meme
A meme I saw Fledermaus00 from Furry Amino put up.

Free to use to my knowledge, but show this guy some love. Just don't eat me. :D


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Emanuel de Israel
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Aspiring draftsman (drawings) looking for any way to improve. Honest opinions are welcome, whether soothing or scathing. I also am experimenting with other forms, from digital art, paint, and writings. Additionally, I like dragons and anthro, especially pudgy specimens. Double with a good story.

Profile shown by :iconhijokethedragon:


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Hey I wanna ask you something. Dont take this the wrong way, but why are you being rude to my friends(COMIC and co.), if you dont mind me asking?
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LeemonZ has been a troll, and she wants me dead. She has also hurt many of my friends on multiple occasions. All because I would tell her she did well on her artwork.

As for Comic, he has snapped unprovoked, though he has tried to make things right afterwards.

Now, I just need to be left alone.
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I saw you rp with someone, what do you rp ?
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I do many kinds. Note me if interested.
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